• Extract the cheat to a USB Pen Drive
  • Launch Valorant and wait at the main menu
  • Run the cheat
  • Join a match
  • Good game !!!


  • ESP / Wallhack Press F1 key to enable/disable



  • Please make sure you have completely disabled your antivirus.
  • If the cheat was working, then stopped working, it is possible that the game was updated, which could cause the code to fail.
  • Please make sure the dependencies (DH_UI.dll) are in the same folder as the cheat.
  • If the game has problems such as closing unexpectedly, change the screen resolution in the game settings.
  • In some cases, the cheat may not recognize the USB flash drive, in this case it is recommended to use another USB flash drive.

Updated: 12/07/2024

For more details check the status page.

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